Build a Pet Crate Coffee Table

created at: 05/02/2012
I once had a friend who asked if baby toys came in beige because they were so unsightly. You could say the same about dog crates. So Erin Loechner came up with a modern and practical solution.

Erin (of the rad blog Design for Mankind) couldn't take the eyesore of her dogs' crates any longer. And she and her husband needed a coffee table in their office. So they combined the problems for one genius solution.
modern DIY dog crate coffee table
They made sure to incorporate adequate ventilation with a raised top and side vents. They also added windows between each dogs' half of the crate so they could see and sniff each other.
Finally, they added a magnetic closure in the doors so, in case of an emergency, the dogs could get out. (She says they are disciplined enough to stay in their crate during the day.)
I think they did an amazing job. What lucky dogs! You can read more about this project on HGTV's blog, Design Happens.

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